Who is Sara?

A little bit about the girl behind all of this . . .

I sense a lot of determination in this one

Hello! I’m a junior Game Designer, currently studying at Futuregames.

I specialize in gameplay design and narrative design, as those are the

aspects of design that I find the most fun working with.

I love to play games, and it has been a big interest of mine for a long time,

therefore I want to pursue my dream of working with game development.

I like doing hardcore raids in a game called FFXIV, where I come together in a team of 8 players over Discord to talk strategies and to execute hard boss mechanics which requires everyone to have synergy, consistency, and good communication. Making games that bring people fun — I'm set on it. 

Aside from my studies I also like to draw, write roleplay, and go biking.

Currently, I'm in a disclosed testing group, Etherian Cavalry, for the newly released Dungeon Defender: Awakened. For Dungeon Defenders II, I've also been a livestream moderator. 

I'm currently looking for an internship, where I can learn and grow as a future game designer colleague, and getting to work with other passionate hearts! 

I have so much more to tell!

I come from a programming background, however, problem solving has always been an interest of mine.
I love problem solving, it's something I find in everything in my day to day life. Optimizing to achieve the most

optimal result of something, but there is of course a point where you'll have to call it a quit and cherish your work. 

I like to say that communication is key, and that is something I can really vouch for as at Futuregames we do a lot of work in teams, almost like a bunch of small indie companies, and by staying open minded in an environment like this it really allows me to learn and explore a lot more than when I work alone; a great chance to leave the comfort zone.

I try to push myself whenever the possibility comes, as I like to feel a sense of responsibility, e.g. reason to why I currently am the class representative of my design class at Futuregames. It comes with responsibilities such as, both attending and holding meetings, and being the messenger of our class, to summarise opinions which I’ll provide our head of education with. 

I organize and make schedules for a gymnasium-school in Sweden. Planning schedules and lectures requires me to think ahead of my own actions, which I could easily describe as having a similar thinking process to the number game called Sudoku. I also run and maintain the official website for this school. 

I used to community moderate for Dungeon Defenders II. By being a livestream moderator on Twitch I would make sure everything would stay in order. At the time I was underaged and was not able to sign an NDA with them, but since they knew me from being an active community member they made a special deal with me where as long as I do not reveal any of the unreleased content from the private test servers I will get to support the game company TrendyEntertainment. This position also included going on weekly meetings with the team, where we would discuss the new game patches and fun community events which we were to arrange.