Asteroid Game

Solo Project

Summary Asteroid Game


Multidirectional Shooter

Arcade Game




2 weeks (2020)

Team Size

Solo Project


Game Overview Document

Game Concept

Asteroid Game is a replicate of the 1979's Atari Asteroids

Shoot as many asteroids as you possibly can without getting hit and damaging your spaceship, in a single-player arcade game. Rank up in the score and use your fuel to travel faster to quickly avoid incoming dangers!

Asteroid Game is a solo project which I made in Unity

Design Pillars Key Features


Cruise through the never ending space, but this time around darkness has never been more welcoming and... pretty!


Simplistic and nostalgic, but perhaps a new spin of the game will make it feel fresh!

Risk / Reward

Shoot an asteroid to gain a point, but instantly watch it split in to two smaller pieces - good to be careful

Design Details Deep Dive

Player vs Environment
The player plays as a small spaceship, who automatically shoots out small laser beams that destroy the blue asteroids upon hit. The player can get a total of 7 scores from destroying all parts of one asteroid, as the rock split up into two pieces on each successful hit. The new asteroids which come out will spawn at a 45-degree angle from the middle of the traveling direction. I have an idea about adding a different color asteroid, the yellow ones, which would be rare and give higher scores upon hitting them


Types of asteroids

Mechanics & Systems

There is a bar at the bottom of the player screen which represents the amount of fuel that the player can use to travel faster. The fuel starts regening after a short time of not using it. Above the fuel bar, the player finds their health points which the player has a total of 3 hearts. Once the player loses all of their health points the game will end and send the player to the game over screen, from where they can choose to play again!

Fuel UI

Score & Health UI

Score system in C#

Audio Design
The sounds of the game were something I wanted to give the player the vibes of arcade games, so I kept them jumpy and short. The music has a bit more depth to it to hype the player up. I created a total of 4 different .wav  files for the music, shooting, explosion, and crashing sound effects

In-game music (loopable Space Song)

Pew (shooting) sound effect

Sound waves of Space Song

Sound script, attached to the player