Cat Game

Solo Game Project

Summary Cat Game


2D Side Scroller

Singel Player





2 weeks (2019)

Team Size

Solo Project

Game Overview Intro

Game Concept

Cat Game is a single-player game where you play as a black cat whose goal is to safely get to the end of the level. There are also small collectibles on the way which you can pick up to gain a point towards your total score 

My Thoughts

I started this solo game project for the purpose of applying to study Game Design at Futuregames 2019 – which became a success as I got accepted! 

The idea behind the game is simple and by starting small I could easily apply the things which I already knew, while at the same time getting to explore and try out new things while developing the game

In the project, I made everything myself, everything from art to even music 

I had a lot of fun making this game and hope to pick it up again in the future to get the chance to add even more ideas, levels, and features

Design Pillars Key Features


Pixel art accompanied by bit-tuned music, bringing the player back to the old Super Mario days

Chill Vibes

The game gives off the sense of calm and quiet, allowing the player mind to stay at peace while playing


There's not a lot said about this cat, who are they and what do they want? Maybe we will find out more about them as we explore further

Game Loop Objectives


The game consists of two main objectives. The first objective is to get through the level to reach the finish line. The secondary goal of the game is to collect all of the “paws”, of which there are 6 of on the first level


The player starts out in the first part of the level which serves as a tutorial where they'll learn the most essential mechanics, such as movement and the world's obstacles. Difficulty slightly increases as the player progresses through the game. There is a health system which the player must keep in mind to not lose their progress, up until they reach the next checkpoint 

Design Details Deep Dive

Game Vision

"In a forest clearing the contrast of a sitting cat can be seen - behind them a vibrant twilight which gently breaks up as a few clouds pass by from the ever so silent evening breeze." I had an idea of which feelings I wanted the game to emit to the player, so I pulled out my MS Paint skills and tried to replicate my game vision into one image. Now afterward, I can compare the initial concept to the final product, to see how my image of the game has changed and which parts of it stayed the same

Technical Design

The game functions mainly through C# scripts and in-engine components attached to the player's body. Most of the functionality is in some way related to the player. Making the hazard of the game, the black spikes, was something I found challenging as I wanted to create a cool knockback as the player took damage, so I decided to ask for help and did smaller cooperation with a talented friend. To keep my code structured I stick to naming conventions and make a new class when adding a new system

Player animation nodes in Unity Animator

Player Score Script written in C#

Level Design

Creating a sense of space, despite being a very linear level, I give the player the possibility of moving vertically by jumping up to explore new heights. The placement of the things in the level has a purpose and reason behind it

Player realises the paw as camera raises


Teaching the player to learn double jump to progress

Level flow from inside the of the engine

Audio Design

To reach my design pillars I found audio, both music and effects, to be an essential part of the experience. As the game's environment is visually built with pixels and blocks, a bit-based melody makes just the fit to the esthetic

Music = 15 seconds playing on loop

Suiting sound effect plays as the player falls out of the world