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Summary Dynamine




Physical game

Project Time

2 weeks (2019)

Team Size

3 designers

Product Details

1 to 4 players

12+ recommended age

15-20 mins to play

2 modes - PvP & PvE


Concept Design

Gameplay Desing

Narrative Design


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Game Concept
In the PvP mode, you will get to defend your own dynamite mine as the other players charge you, or be the first one to go to attack against theirs... The first player to enter their payable pieces in any other player's mine will become victorious! 

Or try out the single-player PvE mode and survive the hungry and ever so ferocious wolves!

Documentation Dowloadable

2 Game modes Available for play!

  • Player vs Player (up to 4 players)
  • Player vs Environment (solo campaign)

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Game Board Overview - Play session in progress!