Musical Champions

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3 weeks (2020)

Team Size

Solo Project

Game Overview Document

Game Concept
Musical Champions is a rhythm-based music game where you play a young girl in her twenties, who works with pop-music and performs music at smaller events has been studying music with a lot of determination. She wants to become a famous musician, but choices are crucial and she does not yet know how great these decisions will impact her life

The narrative document focuses on the narrative of the game and not too much of the art, and the gameplay aspect, but enough to call it a game!

Narrative Pillars Key Features


Hit all the correct notes as you perform up on the stage and show off your music to the cheering crowd!

Character Development

Socialize and have conversations with the NPC's to grow your relationship with them, and see your own lifestory take form

Meaningful Choice

The choices which you make will affect what happens next in the story of the game