Scratch Master

Unity Prototype

Summary Scratch Master






2 weeks (2020)

Team Size

3 designers


Concept Design

Gameplay Desing

Narrative Design

Level Design

Game Overview Prototype

Game Concept
Scratch Master is a game inspired by Guitar Hero and Osu. It's a rhythm game that lets you perform live music at a concert on the stage of Berlin. Keep up your flow to the beats to make the crowd get hyped up and energized!

The aim of the project is to quickly prototype a game idea

Design Pillars Key Features

Late Night Concert

Feel immersed as the spotlights are all on you this evening. It's time to step up on the stage!


Execute the combos correctly to keep your performance meter at max to the beats! 

Dynamic Crowd

The crowd is going more and more crazy the better you play the music, keep the up the crowds hype!

Design Details Deep Dive

Concept Process
We came up with multiple ideas, before settling on what kind of rhythm game we were going to make together

Mechanics & Design
The dynamic crowd serves a big role in the narrative of our game as the player gets thrown into the life of a DJ where their goal is to satisfy the live audience under high pressure. The player stays informed of how well the crowd thinks the concert is by the performance meter or "flow" bar. The better the player plays the higher and faster the crowd will jump to the beats

Full flow bar

Combo & Score

The scene from inside of the engine